APMEX Review

One of the things that drew us to review APMEX was that they have a lot of promotional sales for smaller quantities of metals. We went to there site and saw that they were selling silver rounds for just $0.99USD over spot price. For silver, this is a pretty good value. However, there were some bad things about working with APMEX.

Despite their great deals, we found that they had a minimum order for every product. Instead of just being able to buy one silver round, you had to buy at least $50USD worth of products. Unfortunately, there are almost no products less than $40USD, so you essentially have to spend at least $90USD.

The other difficult thing about working with APMEX is that even if you order their smallest quantities, you still have to pay 12.50 shipping.

If you decide that you don’t want to pay the shipping and leave the site, they’ll email you about how you abandoned your cart, and remind you that you can still go and purchase your order.

When it comes to order fulfillment, APMEX is really quite good. They send you carefully wrapped and well packed goods. Each order is checked twice, and has been signed off. In addition, they hide the contents and say if found, please return to APMEX. I think that’s a pretty good idea, though, who knows how many people have ever returned a package full of precious metal they found.
Overall, APMEX delivered my goods quickly and well packed. Their website policies are probably restricting them to a lot of beginner investors, but they do a nice job of delivering what they promise after you fight your way through their shopping cart.

APMEX Precious Metals

Reviewed by The Silver Chronicle on March 22.
Retailer of Gold, Silver, and Platinum.
If you can fight your way through their minimum order quantities and nagging shopping cart, APMEX does a good job delivering a quality product in a very reasonable amount of time..
Rating: 3
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